January 2015

    Just Script It.

    The Cloudify Script Plugin from the Inside Out Hot on the heels of Barak’s previous post, that explores new features and functionality available in 3.1, I’d like to take a deeper technical dive into a specific feature, so you can have a bit of a better understanding how to really...

    Cloud on your Desktop, More Docker + Prettified Cloud Monitoring with 3.1

    Cloudify 3.1 is out and the R&D team are really looking forward to getting your feedback on all the cool stuff we’ve been building for the past five months.  While the entire version has a huge list of new features you should check out, there are couple of standout features...

    TOSCA and YANG for Application and Network Orchestration

    We've been encountering quite a number of Telecoms and service providers mentioning TOSCA, YANG and modeling languages in general, for their NFV work.

    Let's Create a Cloudify Plugin!

    Hi there - I’m Trammell, and I just joined the Cloudify team as a Cloud Solutions Architect. Being new to a project is a unique opportunity to view things with a fresh perspective. Seeing as I’m pretty much in the same boat as a new Cloudify user, and am just...

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