May 2017

    The TOSCA Times Pt 3 - Model-Driven Workflows with TOSCA, Cloudify, and ARIA

    In this third installment of The TOSCA Times, Michael details how Cloudify and ARIA take the model-driven approach and how TOSCA then adopted declarative, model-driven workflows.

    The New Cloudify UI - Features and Tutorial

    Tali explains all the new features and capabilities of Cloudify UI and runs through a brief tutorial of the basic functionality.

    The TOSCA Times Pt 2 - Handling Workflows in TOSCA vs Similar DSLs

    In this second installment, Michael discusses how TOSCA workflows differ from other DSLs, such as BPMN/BPML and BPEL due to its model-driven, vs task-driven, design.

    How Cloudify Enabled a Telco to Create a Fully Automated, Managed CPE Service - A Use Case

    Tamir talks about his personal experience helping a large telco create a completely automated CPE service for its customers with an orchestration first approach.

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