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Why you’ll NEVER nail that DevOps interview

This post was originally published on in May 2015. Many companies these days are constantly complaining that they are struggling to recruit good talent. There are rumored talent acquisition wars and agreements between large companies like Google and Apple, and I’ve often heard these types of issues referenced in...

Repex – Regex Management Simplified

>This post was originally published on Our Versioning Complexity Cloudify is a Python shop. Our REST service is Python. Our Workflow Engine is Python. Our Plugins are Python. We have different version formats and different dependencies across different types of files which need to be changed when a version...


Buzzword Abuse - The Anatomy of a DevOps Engineer

This post was originally posted by our own Nir Cohen, at Once, people used the word genius only when describing someone who really was a genius. Someone with extraordinary intellectual and perceptual capabilities. Today every parent uses this word to describe their, likely cognitively regular child - and this...