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Cloudify 3.3.1 Manager Packages

The Cloudify CLI enables you to boostrap a Cloudify manager, interact with it and manage blueprints and deployments. Refer to the manager guide for more details. For boostrapping directions refer to the boostrapping tutorials for the cloud of your choice.


  REST Service RPM

  Management Worker RPM

  AMQP-Influx RPM

  Web UI



Cloudify Agent Packages

Cloudify Agents are entities installed on hosts that are part of your blueprint and are used to communicate with the Manager. They provide a way to execute operations and workflows on deployments.

Learn more in our docs.


  Ubuntu Trusty Agent

  Ubuntu Precise Agent

  CentOS 7x Agent

  CentOS 6x Agent

  RHEL 7x Agent

  RHEL 6x Agent

  Windows Agent


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