Cloudify 3.3.1 Plugin Wagon Packages

Cloudify plugins are collection of Python Wheels (compiled modules) packaged together using Wagon. They provide an abstraction for using a certain tool or API by providing TOSCA types and matching implementation code that you can use in your blueprints.

Learn more in our docs.

  CentOS 7x AWS Wagon

  RHEL 7x AWS Wagon

vCloud Plugin

  CentOS 7x vCloud Wagon

  RHEL 7x vCloud Wagon

vSphere Plugin

  CentOS 7x vSphere Wagon

  RHEL 7x vSphere Wagon

OpenStack Plugin

  CentOS 7x OpenStack Wagon

  RHEL 7x OpenStack Wagon

Fabric Plugin

  CentOS 7x Fabric Wagon

  RHEL 7x Fabric Wagon

Diamond Plugin

  CentOS 7x Diamond Wagon

  CentOS 6x Diamond Wagon

  RHEL 7x Diamond Wagon

  Ubuntu Precise Diamond Wagon

  Ubuntu Trusty Diamond Wagon

  RHEL 7x Diamond Wagon

  Windows Diamond Wagon

LDAP Plugin

  CentOS 7x LDAP Wagon

  RHEL 7x LDAP Wagon

psutil Plugin

  Windows psutil Wagon


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