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Cloudify Premium Suite

For Enterprises and Telecoms

Stable, fully tested and supported

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Production Ready Software

Cloudify Premium Suite for Enterprise and Telecoms are stable and fully tested releases, following standard stability and scalability tests to fit production mission critical environments.

Major/Minor Releases

New features and capabilities
Backward compatible
Includes bug fixes
4-6 month release cycle

Maintenance Releases

Stabilizes a release
Bug/Security fixes
Minimal functional changes
Monthly releases

Hot Patches

Urgent bug fixes


Bundled-in Products: Cloudify Ops Console & Cloudify Composer

Cloudify Premium Suite includes 2 bundled products:

  •  Cloudify Ops Console - a web-based control console for Cloudify Manager aimed at providing a streamlined experience managing Cloudify applications

  •  Cloudify Composer - a web-based graphical editor for composing and editing Cloudify blueprints dynamically using a modern drag and drop interface

Certification with SW/HW Vendors

Cloudify Premium Suite products are certified with software and hardware vendors such as Red Hat, VMWare, Microsoft and others.

Professional Services

GigaSpaces provides professional services for Cloudify Premium Suite stable releases.

Product Training

GigaSpaces provides training for Cloudify Enterprise Edition, Cloudify Telecom Edition, and TOSCA.

SUPPORT with Premium SLA

GigaSpaces provides support for Cloudify Premium Suite with Standard 8x5 and Premium 24x7 SLAs.


Cloudify Premium Suite Subscriptions

Access Cloudify for Enterprise and Cloudify for NFV MANO via our Premium Suite Subscriptions. Pricing for annual and tri-annual subscriptions are based on number of VMs and SLA requirements for production and development support of your organization. Get in touch to receive a quote.



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