Cloudify Community Release Notes

17.9.6 (11-September-2017)


  • CFY-7059 Consolidate agent installation methods
  • CFY-7105 – Don’t install agent via install script in provided mode
  • CFY-7179 – Introduce new agent install method – “plugin”
  • Multiple networks
  • CFY-7200 – Add support for adding networks to the provider context during bootstrap
  • CFY-7197 – Make agents aware of the multi-network feature
  • CFY-7191 – Create CA certificate during bootstrap
  • CFY-7192 – Sign new certificates with the CA cert created in CFY-7191
  • Composer two-way-editing
  • COMPOSER-823 – Refactor node_types and relationships to match the yaml
  • Unified Login
  • STAGE-442 – Make stage recoverable with token only (rebuild local storage if needed)
  • STAGE-449 – When user doesn’t have a tenant navigate to designated page
  • STAGE-447 – Do not save user table, use new rest api to retrieve user info

Fixed Issues

  • STAGE-438 – Finding list of blueprints files when uploading a blueprint stopped working
  • STAGE-465 – Show system executions not working
  • STAGE-466 – Widgets names in catalog shouldn’t be links


  • STAGE-436 – Deactivating a user from the UI should be made by unchecking the checkbox