Cloudify Roadmap

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Below you will find our roadmap for new features and improvements to Cloudify, including notes on those currently being worked on.

Cloudify aims for a minor release every 4-6 months with new features, bug fixes, security enhancements, and more. A service release with bug and security fixes is also intended for delivery every 1-2 months. The current release of Cloudify is 4.1, and the next release, Cloudify 4.2, is expected in Q4 2017. Items that are marked as In Progress below are included in this release.

Cloudify Manager

  • High Availability: HA setup will ensure the uptime of Cloudify Manager in production environments. DONE – 4.0
  • Multi-tenancy: The ability to set tenants with a Cloudify Manager and isolate resources among them, such that one tenant does not have visibility of, nor the ability to access, data/resources of another. DONE – 4.0
  • Private Resources: The ability to set a resource as public to the whole tenant or private (only admins and owner(s) can access it). DONE – 4.0.1
  • Pre-bootstrap Verification: As part of the bootstrap process, Cloudify automatically verifies as many variables as possible before actually initiating the bootstrap process. Specifically – IaaS API credentials and quotas, validity of specified parameters such as image ID, etc in order to ensure successful bootstrap of Cloudify Manager. IN-PROGRESS
  • Data Store: key/value store for storing application-sensitive data such as cloud credentials, secrets and configuration parameters, which users can then access via blueprints. DONE – 4.0
  • Manager Settings Configuration: Allows users to easily modify and apply manager configuration elements to Cloudify Manager, during runtime, via dedicated CLI commands and GUI elements.IN-PROGRESS
  • Encrypted Communication: Agents communicate with the manager via an encrypted channel (SSL). DONE 4.0
  • RBAC: Resource based role based access control, allows defining privacy level for resources (private/public/custom). IN-PROGRESS
  • In Place Upgrade: Enables version upgrades of the Cloudify manager while keeping the manager’s state, and ensuring managed deployments keep running IN-PROGRESS 4.1
  • New user roles available in multi-tenant environment: IN PROGRESS
    • * Tenant administrator – can control all administrative operations within a tenant, including user creation
    • * Viewer – can only see deployed resources and not perform any operations
  • Shared resources across tenants

Core Orchestration, DSL, and App Modeling

  • OASIS TOSCA Simple Profile YAML 1.0: Introduce support for modeling applications and VNFs using standard OASIS TOSCA Simple Profile 1.0 YAML DSL. IN PROGRESS
  • ARIA Integration: Utilizing the ARIA TOSCA Orchestration Library for TOSCA Simple Profile 1.0 Support. IN-PROGRESS
  • Service Composition: Consume existing, running deployed services with new application blueprints for service composition and building microservices architecture.
  • Application Blueprint Versioning: The ability to upload new versions of application blueprints, and apply them selectively to running deployments.
  • Resuming Failed Workflows: Built-in ability for Cloudify Manager to resume from the last successful execution point. This is useful when the workflow fails due to infrastructure allocation error, quotas, etc.
  • Scheduled Workflow Execution: The ability to schedule a workflow execution at a future time, such as scaling the number of web server VMs at a certain time of the day.
  • Improved Multi-cloud Support: Better support for multi and hybrid cloud environments.
  • Edge Orchestration: Support for distributed orchestration at the network edges

Cloudify UI Framework

  • Widget-based UI Framework: Frontend re-architecture with the ability to load dynamic widgets for visualization of Cloudify data and operations, and for integrating with external systems. DONE 4.0
  • Custom widget management – IN PROGRESS 4.1
  • Custom template creation – IN-PROGRESS
  • Multi Managers support

Cloudify Plugins and Integrations

  • GCP Plugin: Complete integration with GCP DONE
  • OpenStack Mitaka – Add support for Mitaka release of OpenStack DONE
  • OpenStack Newton – Add support for Newton release of OpenStack
  • vSphere Plugin: Complete integration with VMware vSphere DONE
  • NSX Plugin: Complete integration with VMware NSX DONE
  • Mesos Plugin: Support for Mesos integration for orchestrating and scheduling cluster deployments.
  • General Plugin Improvements: Ability to extend and reuse plugins and workflows more easily.
  • Azure Plugin DONE

Cloudify Composer

  • User Experience: Simplify and improve the day to day user experience of Cloudify Composer. DONE
  • Manager Integration: Ability to upload composed blueprints to Cloudify Manager. DONE
  • Imports and Examples Catalog: Improved experience for importing external blueprints, plugins and stencils (node types) to the Composer: IN-PROGRESS – COMPOSER 2.4
  • Source Tab Editing Ability: Enables changing the generated code and having it reflected in the topology view.
  • Upload Blueprint to Github: Eases the work with Github.
  • Improved Ease-of-Use: With functionalities including Undo, Node clone, Multiple selection of nodes and more.
  • Integrating Installation: Integration of the composer installation with Cloudify’s execution environment (manager) IN-PROGRESS – COMPOSER 2.4

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