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Michael Brenner

By Michael Brenner

The TOSCA Times Pt 3 - Model-Driven Workflows with TOSCA, Cloudify, and ARIA

In this third installment of The TOSCA Times, Michael details how Cloudify and ARIA take the model-driven approach and how TOSCA then adopted declarative, model-driven workflows.

Sharone Zitzman

By Sharone Zitzman

The Tenets of Cloudify

This post lays out the principles we have followed from the beginning through our latest release - Cloudify 4.0.

Sharone Zitzman

By Sharone Zitzman

Cloudify's TOSCA Journey - The Convergence of ARIA and TOSCA (An Infographic)

The convergence of Cloudify and TOSCA, where Project ARIA, OpenStack Heat Parser project and the Apache Software Foundation all join forces.

Arthur Berezin

By Arthur Berezin

A Primer on Project ARIA - Simple, Open Source TOSCA-Based Orchestration Engine

Just about two weeks ago at Mobile World Congress, GigaSpaces announced the formation of ARIA. In this post, I want to offer readers a short and informative brief on what ARIA is, why there is a need for such a technology, and how vendors and service providers can utilize ARIAs...