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Tamir Korem

By Tamir Korem

How Cloudify Enabled a Telco to Create a Fully Automated, Managed CPE Service - A Use Case

Tamir talks about his personal experience helping a large telco create a completely automated CPE service for its customers with an orchestration first approach.

Shay Naeh

By Shay Naeh

An Open Source, Dynamic, and Integration-Based vCPE/SD-WAN Orchestration Service Built with Cloudify

This post explains how Cloudify's integration-based approach to vCPE/SD-WAN orchestration offers a dynamic service for real-time VNF onboarding and service chaining.

Tom Nolle, CIMI Corporation - Guest Post

By Tom Nolle, CIMI Corporation - Guest Post

Getting NFV Orchestration Up to Speed with the Cloud

Tom Nolle explains why NFV Modeling is all about the right approach, not just the tool.

Joanna Borkowska, Amartus - Guest Post

By Joanna Borkowska, Amartus - Guest Post

Open Source, End-to-End MEF CE 2.0 Service Provisioning with NFV Overlay PoC From Amartus, Cisco, and Cloudify

In this post, we explain how the MEF CE 2.0 E-Line orchestration PoC idea came about as well as how it was executed with the teams from Amartus, Cisco, and Cloudify.

Jeremy Hess

By Jeremy Hess

Introducing Cloudify Telecom Edition - Open Source NFV Orchestration Goodness

NFV based on ETSI architecture has really found its way into the heart of the telecom industry in a very short time. With all of the telecom operators in a mad dash to get a stable, scalable, and reliable open source software implementation of their networks on generic hardware, there...

OPNFV Project, Community Contributed

By OPNFV Project, Community Contributed

How The OPNFV Functest Team Tests The Clearwater vIMS Deployment Using Cloudify

By now, you are probably very familiar with the OPNFV Project from the Linux Foundation. If not, the quick and dirty explanation is that OPNFV is basically an open source platform that brings together various NFV components and tests them in order to help carriers and vendors release virtual network...

Assaf Lev

By Assaf Lev

Introducing Cloudify Academy - Full-Scale Cloud Orchestration Classes Online

Introduction by Florian Haas, CEO of hastexo Every piece of technology in the industry that is worth discussing is elastic and distributed. Whether we're talking OpenStack, Docker/Kubernetes, or systemd/etcd/fleet, every technology platform takes into account the fact that applications must horizontally scale, must elastically adapt to changing demands, and must...

Sahdev Zala, Community Contributed

By Sahdev Zala, Community Contributed

OpenStack TOSCA Parser for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)

This article was written by Sahdev Zala, OpenStack Software Engineer at IBM and originally published on the IBM OpenTech blog. The article is being re-published with the author's consent. The recent release of OpenStack TOSCA-Parser for TOSCA Simple Profile in YAML has added initial support for parsing TOSCA Network Functions...

Nati Shalom

By Nati Shalom

Making TOSCA Truly Portable

Over the past few months I’ve been involved in various forums and discussion on what the right approach should be for achieving a common orchestration modeling language. I felt that while there’s a growing consensus that TOSCA is currently best positioned to fit the bill, most notably in the NFV...

Nati Shalom

By Nati Shalom

CloudFoundry and Docker Swarm Losing the Battle of OpenStack Container Management; Cloudify up 20% According to OpenStack User Survey

The latest OpenStack user survey on application platforms reveals an interesting trend when comparing this year’s survey with last year’s. See below. 2015 2016 Try the Kubernetes Orchestration as a Service Tool today! Go Here are some things you might have noticed: Kubernetes gained popularity 30% up (from...

Shay Naeh

By Shay Naeh

Cloudify Orchestrates Service Function Chaining (SFC) at MEF

The MEF's Goal and How Cloudify Fits the Bill The MEF is focused on enabling dynamic network services for the digital economy and the hyper-connected world by providing businesses an on-demand, cloud-connected, secure, and assured experience. It provides a practical evolution toward interconnected, orchestrated, and automated networks powered by Open...

Sharone Zitzman

By Sharone Zitzman

OpenStack Summit Austin is here - YEEHAWWW! Join us at Booth C20 for Kubernetes, NFV, and Cowboy Hats!

April is a huge month this year for Team Cloudify. We just finished NFV World Congress and are right away swept into the OpenStack Summit madness (which we love!). We are definitely out in force this summit and you can find us at booth C20 wearing our cowboy hats! We...

Jeremy Hess

By Jeremy Hess

NFV World Congress is Upon Us! Let's Talk NFV MANO

With all the amazing events happening right around now, we have had to split the Cloudify team between them. NFV World Congress is one event that we couldn't miss - and the team will not only be there, one of our own will be joining a very important panel moderated...

Shay Naeh & Sivan Barzily

By Shay Naeh & Sivan Barzily

NFV Service Chaining Orchestration for Any Network Topology & Architecture

It’s a well-known pain point for Telecom companies that provisioning new services into their networks is a time and resource consuming process, as well as cost intensive. Until now, introducing new services would take months to years and was done with physical proprietary devices that took a long time just...

Jeremy Hess

By Jeremy Hess

Announcing Cloudify 3.2.1 Release Update

We are pleased to announce that our latest Cloudify version 3.2.1 is available for download from the website. This update to our 3.2 GA, which was officially released two months ago, has added some key features and enhancements to Cloudify. Cloudify 3.2.1 - The Purist Pure-Play Orchestration. Download Free.  Go...

Yaron Parasol & Sharone Zitzman

By Yaron Parasol & Sharone Zitzman

Who Said Cloudify 3.2?!

We’re sure the short five months and twenty days (but who’s counting really?) you’ve been waiting for 3.2 to land have been torturous agony - but fear not, it is officially here, and all that nail-biting and lost sleep will have been well worth it when you hear what’s in...

Shay Naeh

By Shay Naeh

More Reference NFV Architecture Based on TOSCA + NetConf YANG

TOSCA is a very good descriptive language for VNF definition, nodes monitoring and active policies like healing and scaling, as it has the combination of declarative descriptions of the application topology with all its components - from the application and network components down to the compute resources, software and everything...

Sharone Zitzman

By Sharone Zitzman

NFV to VNF to SDN - What Does It All Mean

Following the Mobile World Congress, which took place a couple of weeks ago in Barcelona, NFV and SDN are again all the buzz. While this is no new concept, I still find that I’m still often asked what the deal is with NFV and what it all means. A great...

Shay Naeh

By Shay Naeh

NFV on OpenStack Cloud – Open Source Everything

  As we get more heavily involved with NFV, I would like to share my experience taking a few VNFs (virtual network functions) and SFCs (service function chains) and implementing them on public and private clouds. I thought implementing an IMS system on a public cloud would take forever but...

Shay Naeh

By Shay Naeh

Automation of NFV Components on OpenStack - How-To

In my previous post I discussed the need for virtualization of network functions on the cloud. In this post, I’m going to dive into a real world scenario, that CAN actually try at home.  (Really we also support local cloud, remember?) So just to recap, the primary challenges of virtualizing...