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Nati Shalom

By Nati Shalom

A Big Win to Kick Off a New Year

This post takes a look at Cloudify's successes in 2016 - and especially how the open approach was the Goliath killer in telcos and enterprise`s this year.

Nati Shalom

By Nati Shalom

Openness Is the True Path of NFV

Nati Shalom discusses the reasons why telecoms operators need to move away from propietary vendor solutions and embrace open source in NFV.

Yoram Weinreb & Sharone Zitzman

By Yoram Weinreb & Sharone Zitzman

Cloud-Native VNFs VoLTE Demo - vIMS & vEPC on VMware vCloud with Group Scale

Many existing network functions have only recently undergone the transition from being physical appliances to being delivered virtually, which was a revolution unto itself.  That transition required mostly performance optimization to accommodate the additional I/O overhead of the hypervisor and some configuration changes to accommodate the fact that VMs can...

Jeremy Hess

By Jeremy Hess

OpenStack Israel 2015 - The Road to The Enterprise

What an adventure! This year’s OpenStack Israel event was an awesome end to the EMEA tour of the OpenStack conferences. We heard from top telecoms firms, big banks, and some of the biggest OpenStack proponents in the tech world. The conference had over 400 stackers from many small and large...

Eli Polonsky

By Eli Polonsky

Auto-Scaling your Apps with TOSCA & Cloudify - An Orchestration Tool Comparison Pt II of II

This is the second part of our Orchestration tool comparison. You can find part I here. PLEASE NOTE: This blog post does not offer a fully working example of auto-scaling with TOSCA & Cloudify, only a theoretical example of how it would work. We hope to have a working example...

Eli Polonsky

By Eli Polonsky

Auto-Scaling your Apps with OpenStack Heat - An Orchestration Tool Comparison Pt I of II

Scaling - it’s all the rave. When having a conversation about cloud orchestration (all the cool kids are doing it these days), you just can't go ten minutes without someone being the party pooper and chiming in with the good old: "Yeah, but can you auto-scale my application?.” In fact,...

Nati Shalom

By Nati Shalom

OpenStack and Cloud Trends - Hypervisors, NFV, Orchestration and more thoughts from the Summit

The OpenStack Summits, which I have been attending twice a year for the past five years, continue to serve as the most formative and influential moments I have during the year - especially with everything related to the growth around OpenStack, which is especially notable from summit to summit. So...

Barak Merimovich

By Barak Merimovich

A Multi-Network Friendly Openstack VM Image with Neutron & Netplugd

A multi-network friendly Openstack VM image with netplugd A while (long while. Sorry about that) ago, I posted about setting up a VM in an Openstack cloud so that it worked nicely with multiple networks. I also promised that I would explain how to automate this process. So, in this...

Shay Naeh

By Shay Naeh

TOSCA and YANG for Application and Network Orchestration

We've been encountering quite a number of Telecoms and service providers mentioning TOSCA, YANG and modeling languages in general, for their NFV work.