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Nati Shalom

By Nati Shalom

NFV Makes Its Move - Telecom and Enterprise NFV Predictions for 2017

Nati Shalom, CTO of GigaSpaces/Cloudify, offers his insights into what's coming for NFV in 2017.

Oded Nahum

By Oded Nahum

vCPE 2.0 – The Business Case for An Open vCPE Framework

This post will demystify the vCPE cost model and offer CSPs an alternative method of building a vCPE solution that’s more cost effective and future proof.

Nati Shalom

By Nati Shalom

Openness Is the True Path of NFV

Nati Shalom discusses the reasons why telecoms operators need to move away from propietary vendor solutions and embrace open source in NFV.

Jeremy Hess

By Jeremy Hess

Introducing Cloudify Telecom Edition - Open Source NFV Orchestration Goodness

NFV based on ETSI architecture has really found its way into the heart of the telecom industry in a very short time. With all of the telecom operators in a mad dash to get a stable, scalable, and reliable open source software implementation of their networks on generic hardware, there...

Nati Shalom

By Nati Shalom

Where AT&T Leads, Cisco Cannot Follow

Preface The Innovator’s Dilemma faced by vendors of proprietary networking stacks is well documented. The blogsphere and the trade media have well documented the disruptive, one-two punch of open source NFV and white box hardware that threatens to undermine their business models. But just this week, at OpenStack Summit in...