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OPNFV Project, Community Contributed

By OPNFV Project, Community Contributed

How OPNFV Functest Tests Clearwater vIMS Deployment Using Cloudify - One Year Later

In this followup blog post, the OPNFV Functest team discusses major and minor advancements in their testing of Clearwater IMS with Cloudify, including software upgrade and multisite deployment.

Tamir Korem

By Tamir Korem

How Cloudify Enabled a Telco to Create a Fully Automated, Managed CPE Service - A Use Case

Tamir talks about his personal experience helping a large telco create a completely automated CPE service for its customers with an orchestration first approach.

Tom Nolle, CIMI Corporation - Guest Post

By Tom Nolle, CIMI Corporation - Guest Post

Getting NFV Orchestration Up to Speed with the Cloud

Tom Nolle explains why NFV Modeling is all about the right approach, not just the tool.

Joanna Borkowska, Amartus - Guest Post

By Joanna Borkowska, Amartus - Guest Post

Open Source, End-to-End MEF CE 2.0 Service Provisioning with NFV Overlay PoC From Amartus, Cisco, and Cloudify

In this post, we explain how the MEF CE 2.0 E-Line orchestration PoC idea came about as well as how it was executed with the teams from Amartus, Cisco, and Cloudify.

DeWayne Filppi

By DeWayne Filppi

Hybrid VNF Container Orchestration With Kubernetes and Docker Swarm Using Cloudify

This post will show how Cloudify orchestrates a service chain that spans multiple container management engines such as Kubernetes and Docker Swarm.

Michael Shnizer

By Michael Shnizer

Closed Loop Monitoring, Alerting, and Healing with Cloudify's VMware vRealize Operations Integration

Here we give you a primer on the Cloudify Management Pack for vRealize Ops with a demo using the Clearwater IMS.

Jeremy Hess

By Jeremy Hess

Cloudify and OPNFV Take the Stage at OpenStack Summit Barcelona to Present Use Cases of a vIMS on OpenStack

Cloudify and OPNFV's Functional Testing team to talk about using Cloudify to orchestrate and manage the Clearwater vIMS on OpenStack.

Jeremy Hess

By Jeremy Hess

Introducing Cloudify Telecom Edition - Open Source NFV Orchestration Goodness

NFV based on ETSI architecture has really found its way into the heart of the telecom industry in a very short time. With all of the telecom operators in a mad dash to get a stable, scalable, and reliable open source software implementation of their networks on generic hardware, there...

OPNFV Project, Community Contributed

By OPNFV Project, Community Contributed

How The OPNFV Functest Team Tests The Clearwater vIMS Deployment Using Cloudify

By now, you are probably very familiar with the OPNFV Project from the Linux Foundation. If not, the quick and dirty explanation is that OPNFV is basically an open source platform that brings together various NFV components and tests them in order to help carriers and vendors release virtual network...

Sharone Zitzman

By Sharone Zitzman

VMware and Athonet Demo the Fastest Deployment of a Virtualized LTE Mobile Packet Core and VoLTE Service with Cloudify

At Interop Tokyo on June 8th, the team at VMware, under the management of Vanessa Little, demonstrated the deployment of an Athonet's vEPC and vIMS VNFs on VMware vCloud Director with Cloudify's orchestration framework. The demo blew away the judges and won the Interop Tokyo "Best of Show" award! Learn...

Assaf Lev

By Assaf Lev

Cloudify NFV Lab on Demand - A Full Scale NFV Environment in a Single Click

Overview The demand for NFV is growing rapidly and steadily over the past two years as can be seen in the job trends graph below. NFV Job Trends (Source: The first steps in the NFV journey involve learning and experimenting of many new technologies and best practices such as...