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2017: State of Enterprise Multi-Cloud Webinar

September 19, 2017

Managing the Fragmented Cloud World in 2017? Tune in and hear insights from cloud visionaries and industry leaders about the state of enterprise multi-cloud and more.
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The Evolution of a SDN/NFV Network – Presented by Aptira

August 15, 2017

Tune in for this webinar, explaining how one of the largest service providers in Australia is making its foray into building its NFV network. Read More

Alien4cloud, the Atos DevOps Suite for fast digital transformation – Presented by Atos

September 5th, 2017

Learn how Alien4Cloud (based on Cloudify) is delivering a consistent approach for a continuous application deployment. Read More

How I Left Cloud Management Platforms Behind and Learned to Love Orchestration – Presented by Cloudify

TBD 2017

In this webinar we will highlight the up and coming role of Orchestration and why its leaving Cloud Management Platforms behind. Join us and see how you can also take advantage of using orchestration! Read More

The Enterprise Grade Orchestration Landscape in 2017 – Presented by Cloudify & Coda Global

TBD 2017

Is your cloud strategy failing you? Are you looking to have a real, no compromises hybrid cloud set up? Join Cloudify and Risk Focus as we will show you how to leave your IT “silos” and unlock developer productivity and more! Read More

Taking Real World Enterprise Applications to the Cloud – Presented by Cloudify & Risk Focus

TBD 2017

Is your cloud strategy failing you? Are you looking to have a real, no compromises hybrid cloud set up? Join Cloudify and Risk Focus as we will show you how to leave your IT “silos” and unlock developer productivity and more! Read More

Container Orchestration – Kubernetes, Swarm, and Beyond – Presented by the Cloudify CTO Group

TBD 2017

The world of containers has brought with it a new gospel. But with lots of anticipation also comes lots of confusion. Read More

Build a Cloud Native Virtual Network Function – Presented by the Cloudify NFV Team

TBD 2017

What is a cloud native VNF? Why does is matter for you that your VNF’s are Cloud Native? In this webinar we will talk about what separates a cloud native network function from a traditional network function, and what is required to achieve cloud native capabilities. Read More

Previous Webinars – Available On Demand

Moving from Monolith to Microservices – Presented by Cloudify &

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Should you make the move to microservices? How do you avoid the gotchas and overcome the complexities when you do? Join Cloudify and as we will showcase how to use our Kubernetes Orchestration-as-a-Service for quick, hassle free provisioning and configuring of a Kubernetes cluster. Watch Now

Kubernetes Core Concepts and Monitoring Overview – Presented by Cloudify &

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In this webinar we’ll show how to deploy and configure pods to ensure high availability and how pods connect to let the outside world reach your app. Watch Now

DevOps for Data Intensive Applications – Presented by Cloudify & DICE H2020

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Learning to set up, configure, install and run Big Data platforms, however, can be avoided with automation. This webinar will show you how. Watch Now

Azure Cloud – Built for Scale, Security and Interoperability – A Financial Services Use Case – Presented by Microsoft Azure & Cloudify

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Join the Microsoft Azure team and Cloudify as we tackle the age old question of which cloud provider your enterprise should go with. This session will dive into how Azure is uniquely positioning itself to respond to the growing needs of today’s businesses, and specifically the financial services industry, all while building a strategy around open source collaboration, to enable a hybrid stack approach. Watch Now

vCPE 2.0 – The Why and How of Open vCPE Framework – Powered by Cloudify

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Learn Why the Open NFV Orchestration Framework is the most innovative, cost effective and disruptive way to build vCPE solution that can meet market and CSP demands. Watch Now

Cloudify 4.0 – Harness the Power of Orchestration – Presented by Cloudify

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In this webinar we will highlight the new features available with the latest version of Cloudify, revolutionizing collaboration between business units and central IT by introducing a catalog of common tooling that caters to all user types alongside multiple public and private cloud environments. Watch Now

Model Driven Orchestration with TOSCA and ARIA – Presented by ARIA & Cloudify Team

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In this webinar we will learn about the core concept and patterns behind Model Driven Architecture in general and with TOSCA and Aria which is a new Apache project that provides a simple TOSCA library and framework. Watch Now

Automating Splunk at Large Scale? – Presented by Risk Focus

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In this webinar will discuss a case-study where Risk Focus used Cloudify to orchestrate a large Splunk environment for one of the largest banks in North America. We will go over best practices is using automation for large scale environments. Watch Now