Live Webinar

Build a Cloud Native Virtual Network Function

February 2017 09:30am PDT | 12:30pm EDT

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With the ongoing transition of virtualizing network functions, its important that you build your VNFs with the future in mind. As our motto at Cloudify is "The Only Constant is Change", we will guide you through the importance on making sure your VNFs are built to be cloud native.

We will help explain the various recipes for a cloud native VNF, such as avoiding proprietary monitoring, supporting multiple containers, and more.

You’ll learn

  • Cloud Native Disruption; What does it bring to the table?
  • Why Open and Embeddable NFV Orchestration is a MUST
  • See Cloud Native VNFs powered by Cloudify in action!

Duration: 1 hour

Presented by:

Nati Shalom

Founder and CTO at GigaSpaces

Nati Shalom is the Co-founder and CTO of GigaSpaces, and is a thought leader in Cloud Computing and Big Data Technologies. Shalom was recognized as a Top Cloud Computing Blogger for CIOs by The CIO Magazine. Shalom has also been selected for the HP Helion MVP Award for his contributions to the OpenStack community. Shalom is the founder and also one of leaders of OpenStack Israel group, and is a frequent presenter at industry conferences.

Yoram Weinreb

CTO Group at GigaSpaces

Yoram Weinreb, member of the CTO office at GigaSpaces, is a distributed and cloud computing expert with over twenty years of experience programing, architecting, managing and consulting to large scale distributed systems.