Pre-Recorded Webinar

Kubernetes Core Concepts and Monitoring Overview


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Making the move to microservices, containers and orchestration?

In this webinar we’ll show how to deploy and configure pods to ensure high availability and how pods connect to let the outside world reach your app.

We’ll introduce services grouping and how to monitor name spaces, cover the better tools for visualizing data, and setting up proactive auto-scaling of apps and underlying infrastructure.

You’ll learn

  • Kubernetes core concepts
  • Masters, nodes and how to register nodes to clusters
  • What to monitor and visualize, and using what tools
  • Pro tip: How to provision your first cluster in minutes

Duration: 1 hour

Presented by:

Chris Loukas

Sr. DevOps Engineer / Architect at

Chris specializes in full stack automation, continuous integration and deployment. An expert in microservices orchestration, he follows k8s development and maintenance closely and is active on k8s projects such as Heapster.

Cloudify Consultant

Cloudify Director of Solution Architecture

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