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NFV Whitepapers

Production-Grade NFV Deployments With Cloudify

This whitepaper presents real production-grade NFV use cases with Cloudify NFV orchestration including vCPE, Edge Computing, and advanced VNF onboarding

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Open vCPE Design Patterns with TOSCA and Cloudify

This whitepaper introduces a new concept in Open vCPE -integration-based orchestration - for dynamic and agile open service creation and management.

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Transition From Virtual Appliance to Cloud Native VNF

Learn about the transition from physical, to virtual, then Cloud Native VNFs, including Cloud Native requirements such as self-management and scale.

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vCPE/SD-WAN Network Orchestration

Learn how Cloudify delivers an open source, integration-based vCPE/SD-WAN engine.

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NFV and What it Means to You

This white paper dives into all the buzz and jargon around NFV and clears up the confusion.

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NFV MANO: What's Wrong and How to Fix It

This white paper discusses how NFV MANO is implemented and what is influencing it.

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Enterprise Whitepapers

Building Large Scale Services with Microservices

See how large scale systems based on Microservices patterns can be designed using TOSCA, and extended with Cloudify.

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Cloud Management in the Enterprise

Learn about the cloud management landscape and the differences in the diversity of jargon - PaaS vs. CMP vs. Orchestration.

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Introduction to Cloudify

A deep dive on the Cloudify technology, vision, and landscape.

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The Azure Migration Toolbox

Exclusive Cloudify Quick-start Guide to Moving Workloads to Azure.

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