Introduction to Cloudify

Cloud Orchestration in Today’s Landscape


Learn more about the Cloud Native approach behind Cloudify

In the pre-cloud world, our entire data center was built under the assumption that each organization has its own special needs, and therefore requires a tailored approach and solution for almost every challenge.

In a cloud native world, data centers are built as agile infrastructure that is optimized for the speed at which we can release new products and features, as well as the cost it takes us to achieve this. When we optimize for these goals, being special becomes a barrier, as it results in significantly higher costs and slower processes.

This report gives an overview of Cloudify's concept, vision, and roadmap for cloud orchestration.

Highlighted in the report:

  • The importance of open source in allowing for customized frameworks and solutions
  • Future proofing your organization by creating an open architecture, allowing for integration throughout the whole stack
  • Taking advantage of the viscous disruption cycle, and using it to your advantage

This report will help you understand more about Cloudify, and the role it can play today within your enterprise's cloud computing and IT architecture. You will get a better grasp on how Cloudify is applying web scale best practices (from the Netflixs and Amazons of the world) and applying them to the IT world.

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Find out how Cloudify is revolutionizing managing and orchestrating the Hybrid Cloud