NFV MANO: What's Wrong and How to Fix It

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Examining the issues influencing vendor interpretations of NFV MANO

The emerging "zoo" of NFV MANO products is causing operator confusion and represents a large barrier to NFV adoption.

This is further complicated with the relative immaturity of OpenStack, the leading candidate for the virtualized infrastructure manager (VIM) layer of the NFV MANO and a key reference point for functionality in the upper layers.

In this exclusive Heavy Reading report, you will learn all about the challenges facing NFV MANO moving forward and learn more about Cloudify, the open source NFV Orchestrator brings orchestration, monitoring and real time analytics together to enable the automation and self-management of applications on OpenStack, Azure, AWS, and other clouds.

Some of the key findings include:

  • Network equipment providers have moved faster than IT players to implement NFV MANO
  • NFV founder members warn that NFV business models may be hampered by conflicting MANO implementations
  • NFV MANO is needed to manage workloads executing on cloud infrastructure, so its starting point is the IT CMS

Our exhaustively researched report will help you make an informed decision on which path to take for completing your enterprise's cloud computing migration.

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