vCPE/SD-WAN Network Orchestration

An Integration-based Approach


Learn how Cloudify delivers an open source, integration-based vCPE/SD-WAN engine

CSPs are looking to significantly lower costs with virtualization and automation of their networks. There are also many new players building their own CPE devices and management tools to help make this happen.

However, the biggest concern for CSPs is how to dynamically orchestrate all the network components and replace any VNF with another brand, or open source alternative, on the fly.

This report details how to take an integration-based approach to vCPE/SD-WAN using a generic, open source, TOSCA-based solution, and dynamically connect and swap existing components, open and proprietary, all while providing the required vCPE and SD-WAN orchestration functionality to automatically provision, configure, and chain VNFs.

Highlighted in the report:

  • How Cloudify automatically orcehstrates Day 0 through Day 2 operations upon CPE registration
  • Dynamic onboarding and service chaining of VNFs in real-time
  • How Cloudify's flexible architecture make it easy to deploy, service chain, and swap VNFs on the fly

This report will help you understand more about how to break free of vendor lock-in via a vCPE/SD-WAN engine that is dynamically configured to simplify the setup and deployment of any new remote branch connection automatically upon registration, including post-deployment operations, all from a single pane of glass.

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