Cloudify Plugins Release: Azure, Kubernetes, Utilities, AWS SDK

Azure Plugin v1.6.1

Download the latest release of the Cloudify Azure Plugin, version 1.6.1.
This version of the Azure plugin now supports the Azure Stack – so check it out!
It also addresses a bug handling missing headers in deleted resource groups.

For more information, see the changelog, or read the docs.
See this blueprint example to deploy a manager in Azure Stack, you can use it to deploy the Hello World Example!


Cloudify Kubernetes Plugin v2.2.2

Download the latest release of the Cloudify Kubernetes Plugin, version 2.2.2!
Kubernetes plugin v2.2.2 offers improved validation of Deployment state. Thanks to the user that contributed the change!
See changelog or read the docs.


Learn more about our Kubernetes integration   Read More

Cloudify Utilities Plugin v1.5.2

Download the latest release of the Cloudify Utilities Plugin, version1.5.2!
This release addresses a bug where deployment outputs were mis-handled when none were provided.
See changelog or read the docs.


Cloudify AWS SDK Plugin v2.1.1

Download the latest release of the Cloudify AWSSDK Plugin, version 2.1.1!
This version supports multiple nics for a VM and improves error handling on Ec2.Image not-found events.
See changelog or read the docs.

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