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NFV is currently all the rage in the Telecommunications world. But what does it really mean for you? More importantly, how does it work?

Cloudify, with its unique NFV expertise, has taken on the role of providing in-depth training in an effort to explain the very technical terms and processes that are currently a big hurdle in migrating to NFV environments.

What will I learn?

  • Introduction to NFV Orchestration (ESTI MANO, TOSCA, Service Chaining, TOSCA/YANG)
  • Basic principles of Virtual Network Function Modeling
  • Orchestrating vIMS using Clearwater
  • Orchestrating your first VNF

Access to a Live Virtual NFV Lab

In the NFV Lab you will have access to a dedicated OpenStack environment, built for NFV specifications, as well as your own technology stack. You can also continue evaluating the NFV environment, and deploying other examples as well.
Our experts will guide you through a virtual interactive lab, based on your technological stack, and work with you on how to properly setup your NFV environment.

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