Cloudify - The Scaleable Cloudforms Alternative

Cloudforms started out as a Cloud Management Platform, which intended to give organizations the power to manage cloud workloads across multiple clouds. With the advent of more and more features made available on different public cloud platforms like AWS, GCP, and Azure, along with the need to manage on-premise cloud workloads, the CMP approach of the lowest common denominator was no longer good enough. - Organizations need to be able to utilize many of these different features, and at scale, which has made Cloudforms no longer relevant. Many organizations are actively looking for Cloudforms alternatives, and Cloudify's open source orchestration platform has the power and flexibility to streamline management of your clouds, along with your different automation tools, like Terraform, Ansible, Cloudformation and others. - Cloudify's pluggable architecture allows it to connect to many other platforms through generic or custom built python plugins, and isn't reliant on having an in-house Ruby expert on hand to deal with the Cloudforms automation engine. - But most of all users are turning to Cloudify for its proficiency to maintain its powerful orchestration abilities even at very large scale deployments. Cloudify unique federated network architecture keeps your applications, infrastructure, and networking working smoothly, even at edge scale.

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