Ansible Automation with Cloudify

Want to take your Ansible to the next level? Connect to Cloudify for advanced automation, extended connectivity and more control.

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Already Using Ansible?

Using Cloudify for Ansible via a simple plugin gives users tighter control of service components across different applications, network services and sites. Cloudify for Ansible provides significantly more automation possibilities (auto scale/heal) over multiple cloud environments while preventing vendor lock-in.

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Ansible comes equipt with pre-canned integration and automation scripts with a focus on simplicity to get you up and running, right up until activation and configuration. But what comes after? Cloudify takes care of end-to-end service automation including day-2 operations factoring in healing and scaling – as well as continuous service management using an intent based orchestration model.

Compose Your Way

Easy and intuitive GUI for composing new service blueprints.
Results: Reduced design and configuration time.

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Why Cloudify for Ansible

Day 2 Operations in Action

Ansible for Entreprise

One Platform. Ultimate Control.

Access and control your entire network environment from one central platform:

  • See ALL Job activity and status
  • Measure performance
  • Monitor tenants and users
  • Handle large clusters
  • Multi-site deployment

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Founded in 2012, Cloudify has robust financial backing from Intel Capital, VMware, BRM Group, Claridge and other leading strategic and financial investors. Cloudify has headquarters in Herzliya, Israel, and holds offices across the US and Europe. Cloudify specializes in network orchestration, network automation, everything multi-cloud; providing orchestration solutions for expert orchestration software.