Ansible Automation with Cloudify

Want to take your Ansible to the next level? Connect to Cloudify for advanced automation, extended connectivity and more control.

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Ansible Orchestration

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Using Cloudify for Ansible via a simple plugin gives users tighter control of service components across different applications, network services and sites. Cloudify for Ansible provides significantly more automation possibilities (auto scale/heal) over multiple cloud environments while preventing vendor lock-in.

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Ansible Automation

Ansible comes equipped with pre-canned integration and automation scripts with a focus on simplicity to get you up and running, right up until activation and configuration. But what comes after? Cloudify takes care of end-to-end service automation including day-2 operations factoring in healing and scaling, as well as continuous service management using an intent based orchestration model.

Cloudify with Ansible

Compose Your Way

Easy and intuitive GUI for composing new service blueprints.
Results: Reduced design and configuration time.

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Ansible Orchestration

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Why Cloudify for Ansible

Cloudify for Ansible

Day 2 Operations in Action

Cloudify for Ansible

Ansible for Entreprise

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Cloudify and Ansible

Ansible has been named the simplest way to automate infrastructure. It truly is a useful service, and can be used for numerous purposes including application deployment, configuration management, and continuous delivery. However, it is not without its limitations. Ansible automation lacks the needed to tools for continuously managing services and forces users to explicitly program execution tasks. With Cloudify in play, Ansible can be taken to the next level particularly when it comes to automation and orchestration. Let’s dive in a little more. 

Cloudify’s Ansible orchestration allows for better organization, management of interactions, and simplifying complex tasks. As well as using an intent based orchestration model enabling continuous service management. Cloudify’s ability for total Ansible automation frees up some much needed time, allowing managers to focus on other tasks.

Cloudify's AWX Plugin

Red Hat Ansible ‘AWX’ (The AWX Project) is an open source code project giving users even more abilities in regards to control, orchestration and automation of their deployments and environments. It was designed to work on top of Ansible. More specifically it is the open source-code for Ansible tower, built almost entirely by the Ansible community.     

Adding to Cloudify’s long list of “out of the box” plugins, Cloudify now offers the perfect plugin for the AWX Project. Integrating Cloudify with AWX gives users better control over service components across different applications, network services and sites. This provides upgraded Ansible automation possibilities over multiple cloud environments and enables users to put their public and private cloud under one consistent automation framework.

Cloudify with Ansible

One Platform. Ultimate Control.

Access and control your entire network environment from one central platform:

  • See ALL Job activity and status
  • Measure performance
  • Monitor tenants and users
  • Handle large clusters
  • Multi-site deployment
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