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As more and more organizations attempt to use a more DevOps oriented methodology of working between developers and IT people, they start encountering major challenges like interoperability between environments, non flexible infrastructures, legacy applications, and more. Atos saw the need for a solution to address these challenges, and built Alien4Cloud with Cloudify at its core.
In this webinar we will discuss what the DevOps Transformation means, how it can help your organization, and how it impacts the whole project lifecycle. We will also discuss the process behind the digital transformation that Alien4Cloud is enabling large organizations, the challenges faced, and how we address them.
We will also feature a real life case-study in one of France’s biggest bank and financial services company. We will discuss some of the ways that they are using orchestration, like platform deployments on multiple environments, and in the software development lifecycle. We will also have live demo.
Highlights of the webinar:

  • What DevOps is and what it means for organizations
  • Solving DevOps challenges through a standards based unified platform
  • Digitalizing new and legacy applications
  • A customer case study consisting of
    • Reducing time to market
    • Reducing project and application costs
    • Fast adoption of business needs
  • Live demo

Duration: One Hour
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