Automating Splunk at Large Scale

Automating Splunk at Large Scale

Overwhelmed by Deploying Splunk at Scale? Orchestration to the Rescue!

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As Splunk usage rises within enterprises, Splunk environments capable of indexing large amounts of data each data are being built. The configuration, orchestration and management challenges for an environment with dozens of indexer nodes can overwhelm engineering teams unless automation is used effectively. Additional challenges are encountered when working when Splunk forwarders (and subsequent updates) need to be deployed to hundreds or thousands of nodes.
In this webinar will discuss a case-study where Risk Focus used Cloudify to orchestrate a large Splunk environment for one of the largest banks in North America. The automated solution allows the client to instantiate dozens of Splunk nodes with a single click/command. Subsequent configuration, re-configuration is highly automated, including scaling.
Highlights of the webinar:

  • Best practices for architecting automation for Splunk
  • Overcoming the challenges of building large Splunk clusters
    • Automating Sequencing and Configuration of Clusters
  • A case study of of orchestrating a massive Splunk environment
  • How the orchestration model can help with automating your other large scale application environments

Duration: 45 minutes
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