Azure ARM: Upgraded with Cloudify

Arm templates act as an agile Azure orchestrator, allowing users to deploy resources with speed and ease. Run any ARM template as another resource from the Cloudify platform using a simple plugin- allow Cloudify to orchestrate any Azure resource with zero need for specific API integration.

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Cloudify For Azure: Enhanced Cloud Management

Achieve cloud native transformation through unified service management across Azure and Azure Stack with Cloudify.


Why Cloudify for Azure & Azure Stack?

Everyone wants the agility and cost efficiency of the cloud, but many times this transition is too complex, with new & disruptive technologies emerging daily. Azure Stack can be the key missing ingredient for a cloud migration strategy. Users have the ability to use the same API’s, interfaces and Azure orchestration tools that can be used in public cloud. Cloudify brings open source orchestration to Azure & Azure Stack with built in integration for cloud native stacks, such as Kubernetes, as well existing enterprise environments including the diversity of Windows applications – .Net, SQL Server, and non-Windows stacks — OpenStack, VMware and more.

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Watch the video to learn how to configure Cloudify Manager for Azure

Cloudify was also built to work with highly secured enterprise private & public clouds, with unique network orchestration capabilities that enable enterprises not just to simply automate their application lifecycle but also the network connectivity between these services.
For organizations looking to move from existing OpenStack & VMware environments to Azure, Cloudify’s tight integration with all three stacks, simplifies the transformation significantly. Cloudify is built on interoperability with all cloud platforms, and pluggability, to glue all of the APIs in a real world stack together.

Unique Benefits:

  • Intent-based orchestration & management
  • Open & pluggable framework of IaaS, hardware, networking & applications
  • Optimized for Azure Cloud & Stack
  • Multi-cloud, cross-domain, and multi-layer orchestration
  • Open source & standard
  • Easy integration with existing CI/CD pipeline


Ensure your digital transformation’s success

Cloudify’s integration-based approach vs. traditional rip and replace approaches to transformation, lowers the barrier to entry for organizations looking to truly transform their business.

The Cloudify for Azure Secret Sauce

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Optimized for Azure & Azure Stack

Designed to support workload integration between Azure & Azure Stack

  • Cloudify supports both the Azure and Azure Stack APIs natively
  • Cloudify’s support of offline environments is well suited for highly secured deployments.
  • Enhanced Azure Orchestration Capabilities

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Open & Pluggable

Cloudify’s open and extensible architecture make it possible to:

  • Plugin & extend to any technology, without fear of lock-in
  • Future-proof your business by building for IT evolvability
  • Leverage simple reusable components – no need to reinvent the wheel
  • Making Azure & Azure Stack a first-class citizen in the open source landscape

closed loop automation

You define the what, Cloudify takes care of the how through:

  • Declarative intent-based orchestration
  • Dynamic allocation of resources mapped to application and network lifecycle events
  • Build best of breed open source technology stacks

With Cloudify for the Azure Multi-Stack you will be able to control all of your toolsets and infrastructure, plugin new technology, and maintain control of all of your technology assets.

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