Announcing The Cloudify Community Release

Cloudify has significantly evolved since it was open-sourced back in 2014, operating in complex and continuously iterating infrastructure, from physical to virtualized, to cloud infrastructure, and is now shifting towards containerized applications, often having a healthy mixture of all.
Cloudify is a quickly iterating product, and we work closely with industry leaders to make sure that we embrace new technologies as they evolve. At the same time, there is a major focus on maintaining and building a stable product suitable for production, mission critical use. Our users and customers, who are mostly enterprises, software vendors and communications and cloud service providers, need stability of the product, release predictability and influence over the product roadmap. Cloudify has been trying to fulfill the demands of stability while providing rapid innovation in a single product, and in a single release process.

Introducing rapid and novel changes while maintaining the level of stability and product maturity in the same release can be a challenging task, and at times these two are fundamentally different needs – to innovate and maintain stability – are contradictory. New functionality undermines the stability of the product, whereas focusing on stability makes introducing new features much more challenging.
Today, I’m pleased to announce the availability of our new innovation-focused product distribution – Cloudify Community – the new product distribution will help customers, users and developers test and develop new and innovative functionality with Cloudify. Cloudify Community focuses on rapid innovation and experimentation, with new features and functionalities. Cloudify (previously known as “Cloudify Premium”) focuses on stabilizing the Cloudify codebase, hardening it, and delivering a production-grade software release which is suitable for production, mission-critical use. An orchestration platform that enterprises, network operators and service providers are looking for.
Cloudify remains an open source project, with the source code available on Github. Both Cloudify and Cloudify Community are available on our download page.

Cloudify Community

The Cloudify Community release is a view into our completely open development process. All new and exciting features are introduced in the Cloudify Community release, where they can spend several iterations until they evolve into stable and mature features to be introduced into mission critical environments.
This version has a fast moving release cadence – new versions are released monthly. This enables users to experience upcoming versions as they are being developed, and also enables users and developers to influence and contribute as the finalized features shape up.
The Cloudify user group also provides great community level support from our technical community managers, and a wide community of Cloudify users and developers.


Cloudify (previously known as “Cloudify Premium”) releases are designed to serve in mission-critical production environments. It is a fully supported product, with guaranteed support SLAs and a known product lifecycle. Cloudify is targeted to be used for enterprise, DevOps, and NFV use cases, optimized to act as a TOSCA declarative model-driven orchestration platform, service and resource orchestrator, and a general VNF Manager (gVNF-M).
Cloudify releases are supported for two full years. Minor versions, which introduce new functionality and features, are released every 4 to 6 months and have a strict policy of backward-compatibility. Bug fixes and security patches are released monthly, critical patches can be requested ad-hoc and on demand.
Cloudify includes additional features designed for production runtime and enterprise use. These include Cloudify Manager High Availability (HA) and cluster management, multi-tenancy management, multi-user management, integration with LDAP and Active Directory, single-sign-on via SASL, and an easy-to-use TOSCA Template Composer.
We look forward to providing users, and the community, with more great features in future releases. If you have any questions or helpful comments, please contact us.

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