Announcing Cloudify's OpenStack Plugin 1.5 Release

It’s no secret that OpenStack has joined the ranks of the top cloud software platforms. They are showing consistent growth year over year with a vast community of developers working, upstream and downstream, to drive this open source cloud platform forward.
In an effort to keep our users as updated as possible about Cloudify, we are announcing the latest release of our OpenStack Plugin – version 1.5.

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The latest update gives sysadmins a better user experience with Cloudify, allowing users to manage and control their OpenStack configurations in a more simple, automated fashion. Here are some of the interesting features added in this version:

  • Create projects, assign existing users with roles, and customize quotas – Cloudify can automate the creation of a new project, assign users, and fix quotas directly from the blueprint.
  • Create image from file (local workflow only) or url – Cloudify now allows uploading a local image via Glance to create a new image in OpenStack.
  • Boot server from volume – Cloudify supports booting a server from block storage and not only from an image, as was the case in previous versions.
  • Get MAC address from port after creation – The Cloudify API can now be used to find the MAC address of any port.

These features, along with clearer error handling and reporting, are now available using the latest OpenStack plugin. You can also see the full changelog on Github. Feel free to star the repo to follow our progress. We have some more important updates coming to Cloudify and our OpenStack plugin in the next few months.


Below you can see a couple of sample snippets for creating a project with a Cloudify blueprint and creating an image.

  1. Create project (tenant), assign existing users with roles and customize quotas.
  1. Create image from file (local workflow only) or url.

OpenStack Summit Barcelona

We also had a blast at the OpenStack Summit and some great speaking opportunities as well (videos and slides to come):

  • A demo theater showing deployment of a Fortigate VNF on EDD hardware with an OpenStack controller.
  • A talk with Orange Labs’ Morgan Richomme and Cloudify’s Arthur Berezin talking about the vIMS that the OPNFV Functest team uses to test the platform on a daily basis.
  • A panel on running OpenStack community events with our own Sharone Zitzman and other big names in the community.

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