The Cloudify Awesome Sauce Monthly Roundup | December 2015

We’re continuing the tradition of a roundup of excellent stuff we happened upon on the interwebs – from tools, to repos, to blog posts. As it so happens, there are some months with more interesting stuff to read, and others with better repos. This month I just happened upon really awesome content and articles – some useful repos – less humor, and a few other goodies.
Some of these gems have been around, but in case you missed them…but I hope you find some of it useful.

Cloudify – gluing it all together since 1843. Check it out.  Go


Following the very tragic story around Ian Murdock’s unfortunate suicide, I’ll start with a solemn and sad tribute to his passing. As his last dying wish, he hoped to expose police brutality he experienced. Below you’ll find his last tweets, deleted since his suicide, and some of the outpouring of *love* from the Linux community around the world.


  • pre-commit: A framework for managing and maintaining multi-language pre-commit hooks by Yelp

  • Two excellent ones from Google – git-appraise: Distributed code review system for Git repos. And styleguide: Style guides for Google-originated open-source projects

  • pipecat Connect UNIX pipes and message queues

  • bitbar Put the output from any script in your Mac OS X Menu Bar

#tools / utils

Introducing InfluxData

InfluxDB launched the new TICK stack – a PLATFORM for time-series data, comprised of Telegraf, InfluxDB, Chronograf, and Kapacitor. Looks ambitious and awesome!





@c0d3rguy – AND…C FTW!

Feel free to add your favorites in the comments.


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