Closed Loop Monitoring, Alerting, and Healing with Cloudify’s VMware vRealize Operations Integration

Imagine, if you will, that you are currently running your VNF in production on vSphere with vRealize Ops. Now, imagine some nodes fail to provide services or even become unavailable for one reason or another. You get paged in the middle of the night and wake up in a panic. What happened? How? Why? How do I fix it? You proceed by trying to navigate the daunting task of finding the source of the issue and working out the proper procedure to heal the system, taking into account multiple connections and dependencies of your NFV solution, while your customers become enraged at their loss of service.
When you finally manage to resolve the issue and get the system up and running, you think to yourself – If only I had a system that gave me the information I needed right away in order to save time and help me correct the fault more quickly.

Cloudify has you covered with its new management pack for vRealize Ops Manager. With this tight integration, Cloudify can be used to monitor, identify, alert, make recommendations, and heal your deployments with a single click. And you can see everything happening directly from Cloudify’s custom dashboard for vROps. Check out the demo video below showing the Cloudify Management Pack Dashboard recognizing when a VM, in the Clearwater IMS VNF deployment, is taken down and then alerts the user as to the issue, prompting the user to heal the node, and with one click, the node is brought back up and reconfigured by Cloudify.

The Cloudify Management Pack includes a Java adapter which is used to collect all of the Cloudify resources such as deployments, node instances, etc and manages their relationships to each of the virtual machine objects. This ensures that your deployment instances are aware of each other and fully managed by Cloudify.
From there, Cloudify and vROps continuously monitor your deployment and quickly identify if a node instance has failed. Then, when an instance is problematic, Cloudify is able to quickly identify which VM has been affected and heal the deployment taking into account all dependencies of the faulty component.

VM goes down

Another useful aspect of the integration is the ability to select any deployment from vRealize Operations Manager and launch Cloudify UI to bring you directly to the object you selected in that exact context.
A future integration, currently being built, will allow for running workflows, such as install, heal, and scale, directly from vROps giving users a seamless experience right from the vROps Cloudify Dashboard.

Cloudify heal workflow in action


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