Cloud Native Distributed VoLTE at the Edge – Powered by Cloudify Orchestration

As the annual OpenStack Summit is underway at Vancouver, we are seeing more and more adoption of OpenStack as the cloud of choice for NFV deployments, especially for network services delivered to the network edge. We are also seeing technologies like Kubernetes making rapid progress as additional infrastructure components that will allow us to define and power the networks of the future.
Recently the power of Cloudify orchestration as also been utilized for demonstrating using these infrastructures, as we were very lucky to take part of a demo with VMware, Affirmed, MetaSwitch, and Ixia, where the orchestrated deployments of a VoLTE service in a distributed MEC design was showcased. This demonstration used Cloudify powered Orchestration to deploy Cloud Native Distributed VoLTE at the network edge, leveraging the use of both VMware Integrated OpenStack (VMWARE VCLOUD NFV OpenStack EDITION) and Kubernetes, to quickly deploy network services in a distributed MEC architecture.

Click the image to view the “Deploy Cloud Native VoLTE Services at the Edge” demo

The benefits of using this are very powerful to the organization who both needs to have a distributed micro data center architecture, providing low latency services to their end users, along with the ability to deliver working services in real time. Beyond this the Cloud Native VoLTE service deployment allows the organization to see a significant reduction in backhaul costs.
As you are able to see from the short video, the ability to deploy this service is quite easy, as all that is needed to do is choose the VoLTE blueprint from the service catalog of existing service blueprints. Ideally, an organization would have a library of different complete service blueprints (that are relevant for the services they provide), like VoLTE, vIMS, and other VNFs that they would be able to easily deploy and manage from the Cloudify UI. Once you selected your TOSCA based service blueprint and created the deployment, instantiation of your service is just a click away. Once the service is successfully deployed and running, Cloudify provides the full lifecycle management of the service, fitting in with cloud-native best practice architectures, like allowing you to easily auto-scale, auto heal your service, and run it elastically based on current needs. The ability to run this service on any cloud, along with the ability to run it in a cross-domain orchestration architecture like we see here, both on OpenStack as well as multiple Kubernetes clusters, are truly unique.
In 2018 as more and more organizations finally make the move towards actually realizing dynamic NFV oriented solutions, the replacement of antiquated Telco solutions with web-scale, DevOps oriented solutions is inevitable.

Ilan Adler
Ilan Adler
Ilan is a marketing data analyst at Cloudify. He works to help users understand the power of the Cloudify Orchestration frameworks, and how it can help fit in a variety of use cases from Edge Orchestration, NFV Orchestration, vCPE, Hybrid Cloud, and more.


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