A Primer on Project ARIA – Simple, Open Source TOSCA-Based Orchestration Engine

Just about two weeks ago at Mobile World Congress, GigaSpaces announced the formation of ARIA. In this post, I want to offer readers a short and informative brief on what ARIA is, why there is a need for such a technology, and how vendors and service providers can utilize ARIAs simple, open source code base to more speedily advance application and service orchestration in cloud environments.

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What is Project ARIA?

ARIA, which stands for Agile Reference Implementation of Automation, is an open source, TOSCA-based orchestration library, which supports multi-cloud and multi-VIM environments, that can be used by any organization wanting to integrate TOSCA orchestration capabilities into their current and future solutions. Its goal is to accelerate adoption of the TOSCA standard for orchestration with an open governance model by bringing together a large community of contributors to develop solutions more quickly.

Why is ARIA Important?

The NFV and SDN community is still in its infancy and looking for a way forward, and open source has become the natural choice for mobile operators, vendors, and enterprises. With these organizations all building cloud solutions for their industries, orchestration of resources and applications is a must. With ARIA, vendors and enterprises will get the benefit of TOSCAs cloud portability out-of-the-box and have the ability to test and run their applications, from blueprint to deployment, without having to also develop a TOSCA parser and execution engine.

Who Will Use ARIA?

ARIA can be utilized by any organization looking to bring open source, TOSCA-based orchestration to its solutions, whether it’s a multi-cloud enterprise application or an NFV or SDN solution for multiple virtual infrastructure managers.
For example, Open-O, a new project founded by China Mobile and China Telecom to create an SDN & NFV orchestration tool for use with multiple vendors, will use ARIAs underlying, open source code-base to build out their solution.
For more information on ARIA, please watch the below video:
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