Cloudify 3.3.1 Release Update Is Ready

Just a month ago, we released Cloudify 3.3 – our most production-ready cloud orchestration tool yet. With a focus on hybrid cloud, NFV, and container-based workloads, we brought features and functionalities to Cloudify that support any organization’s mission critical applications.
So, we are very happy to announce that the 3.3.1 release update has dropped and you can download it today. Here are some of the enhanced features in this latest release:

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Cloudify Manager

  • Added a RHEL 6.5 agent package.


  • Added support for Elastic load balancing (ELB) to AWS plugin.
  • Added support for Elastic block store (EBS) to AWS plugin.
  • Added support for VPC to AWS plugin.
  • Added support for userdata Cloudify agent Installation to EC2 Instance type in AWS plugin.
  • Added the ability to name an instance in EC2 via a new “name” node property.


  • Implemented an LDAP plugin for supporting authentication against active directory.
  • Implemented a file based user store with an auto reload feature on modification.
  • Allow uploading security plugins (rest plugins) in wagon format in bootstrap.

For the complete release notes, please go to this link.
We invite you to update your version of Cloudify by downloading the latest one here.
Feel free to take a look at our roadmap for the future of Cloudify as well over here.


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