Cloudify 4.1 has dropped! Here’s what’s new…

The Evolution Continues

When we launched Cloudify 4.0 in April, it represented a new evolution of Cloudify. Radically enhanced to be so much more than an orchestrator, Cloudify 4.0 offered a feature-rich, no-compromises CMP that any organization could use to achieve a successful cloud architecture.
As a next-generation, “Orchestration-first CMP,” Cloudify 4.0 incorporated multi-tenancy, high availability, security and UI features that fundamentally changed the face of the product and ended cloud management as we know it.
Now we’re pleased to announce that our next iteration—Cloudify 4.1—is here! Cloudify 4.1 features further enhancements to Cloudify’s security and usability features.

Download Cloudify 4.1 today!  Go

What’s New in 4.1

Our upgrades in 4.1 are true to our strong emphasis on security and ease of use.

Security — always a top priority:

  • Resources can be defined as private for further isolation within tenants.
  • Isolation and multi tenancy boundaries have been further enhanced with the usage of different virtual hosts on RabbitMQ at the tenant level. (RabbitMQ isolation via virtual hosts)
  • An environment variable has been added to enable certificate authentication in Cloudify UI.
  • Token authentication has been added to secure routes between the UI and backend.
  • Encryption keys are now autogenerated on the master node of a cluster. This means we don’t need to generate the encryption key on the client side, but instead can simply receive it from the master as well, which simplifies things on the client’s side. (more)
  • Various improvements and fixes have been added around client side SSL enablement.

Usability — building a better experience:

  • Cloudify UI now has a custom widgets option to allow users to create their own within the UI framework.
  • Cloudify UI also offers high availability and upgrades for all UI features via the Snapshots option.
  • Cloudify Composer has received many new enhancements around usability and now comes pre-installed with Cloudify Manager, making it ready for use right out of the box.

Additional Misc Usability Features

  • You can now explicitly specify whether plugins can be installed from source on deployment creation.
  • Multiple local profiles are supported by default in the CLI.

Awesome New Plugins

In addition, the Cloudify team has been hard at work updating and adding new plugins for the latest and greatest tools. Included in this list are:

  • Kubernetes plugin – the K8s plugin has been officially released here.
  • Boto3 plugin – the Boto3 plugin has just been released and you can find it here.
  • Utilities plugin – the Utilities plugin extends Cloudify’s features, including the Deployment Proxy for chaining applications or services, the ability to create SSH keys, and more.

Expect a lot more great content which will go more in-depth on the various plugins as well as information on how you can also help the community by contributing to Cloudify plugins.
For more details on Cloudify 4.1, see our Product Page and read the release notes.


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