Cloudify Accelerates Partnership with CodiLime

Cloudify accelerates partnership with CodiLime to ensure high-quality professional services for orchestration platform

CodiLime is a networking industry expert and the first-choice service partner for top global networking hardware and software providers and telecoms. The company has been providing cloud and network expertise to Cloudify since 2014, helping develop the platform and integrate it with clients’ production environments.

As per Nati Shalom, CTO & Founder of Cloudify:

“We value the professionalism, expertise and experience of CodiLime’s engineers. They quickly have become an integral part of our team. I believe that this years-long collaboration is very fruitful for both sides and I’m completely sure that in the near future it will be even closer. Through this partnership we provide our clients with our cutting-edge orchestration platform and high-quality professional services offered by CodiLime.”

“We have been working with Cloudify for years now,” says Marek Niedźwiedź, Co-Founder & CEO at CodiLime. “We know the product to the core and we use our expertise to provide professional services to clients seeking to optimize their multi-cloud infrastructure management with Cloudify’s platform. Our long-term cooperation with Cloudify and in-depth knowledge of the platform makes us a first-choice service provider and strongly benefits our clients.”

CodiLime acts a strong service provider for Cloudify via deployment and integration of third party tools.


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