Cloudify as a Service – has arrived

Cloudify is excited to announce the release of ‘Cloudify as a Service’, a hosted offering which allows users to try out Cloudify Premium with no installation and no downloads, completely free for a 30-day period.  By accessing this new SaaS style solution, users can experience managing all private and public environments from one platform using a single CI/CD plugin that connects to ALL automation toolchains. Including Jenkins, Kubernetes, Terraform, Cloud Formation, Azure ARM and more.

This latest release is part of Cloudify’s 5.1 product release cycle which will deliver enhanced service composition, upgraded security, built-in integration with infrastructure domains and an updated CI/CD plugin (Jenkins) to simplify pipeline complexities.

“We are excited to showcase our Premium offering for free with no downloads or installation and give an insight into the power of the Cloudify platform and its ability to completely transform infrastructure for the better- saving cost, time and errors.” Ariel Dan, CEO of Cloudify.

To start running with Cloudify as a Service, click below:

Try it now




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