WATCH | Cloudify CEO Talks to ZDNet on ‘Cloud Trends for 2021’

Watch as our CEO Ariel talks to ZDNet’s Larry Dignan on all things ‘Cloud Trends’ for 2021:

ZDNet’s Larry Dignan talks with Ariel Dan on the future of private clouds, multi-cloud adoption, and the maturity of Kubernetes and open source. Ariel opens up about the challenges that most organizations are facing as we step into a post COVID world – namely the great hybrid cloud vs multi cloud debate and how this strange new COVID reality has seen companies doubling down on private cloud, even with a firm public cloud strategy in place – this is looked at both from a tooling and technology perspective.  Also discussed is the importance of open source, why companies are gravitating towards certain vendors (Google Cloud, AWS, Azure) and why Kubernetes is the considered one of the biggest ‘enablers’ in this space.



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