Cloudify 3.0 HAS LANDED

Cloudify 3.0 has arrived! We are excited and hope you are too.
We at GigaSpaces have been hard at work to bring you an even more awesome Cloudify experience for the cloud orchestration and automation of your critical apps on the cloud. Allow me to give you some highlights.
Automated Monitoring: Eliminate the boundaries between orchestration and monitoring with a mechanism designed to automatically react to events with corrective measures. Using custom workflows, a custom workflow engine and a modeling language, Cloudify 3.0 allows you to automate any process  and any stack. Look for auto-healing and auto-scaling in the next version, due to land in Q4 2014.

Integrating your Automation and Monitoring Tool Chain: Cloudify now comes with built-in integration for a variety of tools that are used throughout the various stages of the app lifecycle. Whether it’s Chef, Puppet, Fabric or Docker for configuration management, OpenStack Heat for infrastructure orchestration, Logstash or ElasticSearch for logging and monitoring or Reimann.IO for real-time analytics, Cloudify’s new pluggable architecture lets you keep using the tools you love.

Cloudify 3.0 is here. Be an early adopter.  Go

Multiple Applications Spanning Thousands of Nodes: Using a message broker to communicate between managed instances and a logging and analysis engine, Cloudify allows for the management and monitoring of big data at scale.

And this just scratches the surface of what to look for in Cloudify 3.0. From a switch to Python, to deeper integration with OpenStack, VMware VSphere and other environments, there are plenty of reasons to get excited by 3.0.
To help spread the joy, we’ve got a series of great content coming your way over the course of the next few weeks that will take a deep dive on the diverse Cloudify features and technology under the hood. We’ve got awesome posts lined up that cover topics like what it means to be OpenStack native, a real world Puppet integration story, topology-driven monitoring, workflows with JavaScript, an explanation of our custom multi-tenant, scalable workflow engine and much more.

Check out what’s new and what to look forward to from Cloudify and as always, send us your feedback.


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