Cloudify News Roundup: ‘Trillion dollar paradox’ response; Podcast #16, agile-first approach to 5G network slicing, & 4 essential open-source tools for cloud management.

Reducing Cloud Spend Need Not Be a Paradox’ – TheNewStack 

Our very own CTO Nati Shalom takes TheNewStack to publish his (and Cloudify’s) response to Martin Casado’s recent ‘Trillion Dollar Paradox‘ analysis which challenges conventional thinking regarding cloud transformation and migration – with a focus on infrastructure cost impact.  The paradox in question is that cloud infrastructure makes a business model possible at smaller scale, yet when the time comes to scale out… problems will arise. 

Podcast Episode 16: The Multi Product SaaS Challenge

The Cloudify Tech Talk Podcast reaches its sixteenth episode and expands on its former episode which featured Chris Psaltis, CEO of, discussing all things multi-cloud, public cloud and rising costs.  This episode features Eyal Fingold, VP R&D Cloud Security Products at Check Point Software and dives into turning 50+ products into SaaS …and its challenges; going beyond the above mentioned ‘trillion dollar paradox’ discussion.

‘Cloudify and partners deliver an ‘agile first’ approach to 5G and Edge Orchestration’

Cloudify, Intel, AWS, Intel and Capgemini Engineering joined forces to release their ‘agile-first-‘ approach to 5G network slicing. Essentially, the collaboration is devoted to streamlining transformation processes to public cloud infrastructure using DevOps and open-source cloud-native based architecture, establishing a complete upgrade on how automation processes are operated. It’s agility was indeed proven, Cloudify, AWS, Intel and Capgemini Engineering succeeded in delivering full 5G network slicing, including a vRAN stack within weeks and handling updates within hours. 

TechBeacon names Cloudify one if its ‘4 essential open-source tools for cloud management’

Cloudify was named in Tech-Beacons, as one of “4 essential open-source tools for cloud management.” In this article, David Linthicum discusses open-source cloud management solutions that aim to provide both abstraction and automation as a way of eliminating the handling of cloud complexity. The main issue is that many cloud-based offerings are built using different teams, different platforms etc and there is an obvious lack of defined common cloud services.  The article focuses on reviewing the new environment in which cloud management tools must operate. Reasons highlighted for needing open-source cloud management include having control, in turn reducing risk and it’s option for forking, to fork the code tree in ways that the functions can support specific needs. 


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