Cloudify News Roundup: Embeddable VNFM Solution, OpenStack Summit Talks, and NATO DCIS-Cube Project

Cloudify your VNF with the Simple, Embeddable VNFM

At MWC18, Nati Shalom wrote about the “Cloud Native VNF Explosion” speaking about the limitations and challenges for VNF automation as well our approach to making this process much easier. This week, we announced our simple, embeddable VNF management solution which transforms your VNFs into cloud native network functions without costly in-house development of building your own VNF management. Learn more at this link.

How does it work?

  1. Package of the VNF into a virtual appliance/container
  2. Wrap the VNF with a generic TOSCA template
  3. Configuring the device using a simple configuration plugin
  4. Compose a service function chain through intent-based orchestration

Read the VNF transformation whitepaper or try the hands-on lab!   Download Now

This best-of-breed solution provides organizations the ability to focus on their core business while enabling:

  • Full Lifecycle Automation
  • Configuration Automation (YANG/NetConf)
  • Day-2 Operations (such as scale and heal)
  • MANO Ready
  • TOSCA & ONAP Compatible
  • Built-in Monitoring
  • Multi-VIM
  • Hybrid Stack
  • Policy Management
  • Security & Multi-Tenancy

OpenStack Summit Vancouver

We’re proud to again be participating in OpenStack Summit this year in Vancouver. We have two great talks being given by our VP Product & Engineering, Sivan Barzily:

  1. May 22nd, 9:50am Application-Defined Governance & Compliance for Highly Regulated Industries: LINK
  2. May 22nd, 12:20pm Model-driven Orchestration for ONAP Operations Manager with OpenStack, TOSCA, and Kubernetes: LINK

Deploying Cloud Native VoLTE Services at the Edge

See how Cloudify simplifies VNF transformation by orchestrating a Metaswitch VoLTE VNF, with an Affirmed Networks Mobile Packet core (vEPC) at the edge, and Ixia – in a MEC architecture on VMware Integrated OpenStack with Kubernetes. You can watch the video at this link.

Meet our team on the ground by contacting us at

NATO DCIS-Cube & Cloudify

We’re very excited to announce our involvement NATO’s Deployable Communications and Information System (DCIS) cube. With Cloudify’s model-driven and intent-based orchestration, DCIS engineers and administrators are decoupled from the complexity of the deployable communications and information systems making the configuration (and reconfiguration) of deployable services much quicker, while at the same time ensuring configuration consistency. Read more about this and download the whitepaper at this link.

We are also proud to have our Director, WW Sales Engineering & Customer Solutions, Oded Nahum speaking on a panel at the NATO Communications and Information (NCI) event, NITEC. Oded will be joining the panel on “Being Smarter about Disruptive Innovation – Embracing Existing and Proven High TRL Solutions” on Wednesday, May 23rd. See more information at this link.

More Resources

Whitepaper: Application-Defined Governance
Whitepaper: Using NFV to Deploy Universal CPE (with Kapsch)
Webinar: Onboarding and Orchestrating High Performing Networking Software


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