Cloudify Poised For Growth Acceleration In 2018

2017 has been a fantastic year for Cloudify having doubled our revenue compared to 2016, adding dozens of new clients, thousands of new users, and more community and ecosystem involvement through ONAP, Project ARIA, Kubernetes, as well as numerous new partners, expansion into new territories, and receiving industry recognition through winning the Network Transformation Award for this years cadence of new releases in the 4.x series.  And the momentum will only continue in 2018, as we are looking to fuel our next phase of growth through new investment.  

See multi-cloud + container orchestration in action in the Cloudify Lab!

The Cloudify spin-off from GigaSpaces is now officially complete, and we are now an independent company that is gearing up for scale and growth.

In preparation for our new investment targets for 2018, a driver for Cloudify to build an effective, lean, and strategic startup – focused on our core goals and market segments – some  organizational restructuring was required to support our strategic areas of focus, and we had to reevaluate our team size and structure to help support our upcoming strategic initiatives.  We will be downsizing some of our Apache Software Foundation activity as well as some of the more intense TSC work for open source projects and standards, and growing other areas such as our own R&D and product development, in order to deliver a best of breed TOSCA orchestration platform, basically what we do best.

Over the course of the last couple of years, Cloudify has been focused on building open source and standard orchestration solutions, enabling organizations full agility alongside control in their cloud architecture, and will continue to do so, while leading application and network orchestration in both the enterprise and service provider markets.

In order to get the most out of our efforts on the community front, our primary focus will be on bridging the convergence of Enterprise and Telco architecture and best practices through cloud native and interoperability contributions to projects like ONAP, CNCF, and TOSCA.

The Cloudify Market Opportunity

Cloud Orchestration is now recognized as its own independent category, and is expected to grow to be a $14B market by 2021. This on top of orchestration and management already being a well-defined category within the networking industry, as well as for cloud native platforms.

The key forces driving the cloud orchestration market include the increasing demand for optimal resource utilization, increasing the need for self-service provisioning, and flexibility, agility, and cost-efficiency. And Cloudify is excited to be at the core of this transformation.
Cloudify has identified a number of customer use cases that are accelerating these trends through the move to edge computing and the distributed cloud, and we intend to provide easy tools to rapidly understand the value Cloudify delivers through self-service test drives of these use cases in early 2018.

The Cloudify growth strategy will be focused on three core elements:

Community Growth

Cloudify will continue to lead open source and open standard community initiatives, with a specific focus on ONAP. Cloudify is also looking to bridge the cloud native worlds of the Enterprise and service providers by leveraging the success of the code contributed to build Kubernetes support into ONAP and bring it to the broader Kubernetes and Enterprise community by driving the Kubernetes interoperability initiative.

The integration of TOSCA as an interoperable service template will enable disparate services & architecture to run alongside each other with the same service automation scheme, including Kubernetes microservices and non-Kubernetes services such as standard VMs, serverless and lambda, big data clusters and more. The latest native support for the Kubernetes multi-cloud provider through our Go client makes Cloudify a first-class citizen within this community and serves as a perfect bridge between the service provider & networking community along with the enterprise community.

Partner Growth

In 2017 we announced partnerships with VMware, Fortinet, as well as system integrators such as Atos, TechMahindra, and Aptira. We also announced technology partners like Huawei & Metaswitch, added to this week’s partner announcement with NTT Data Japan, enabling us to expand our operation into Asia covering Australia, Japan, and China.

Self-Service Offering

The latest announcement of our new Insights-as-a-Service is a first step in our plan to allow customers to consume part of Cloudify and advanced value-added services on top of it through a self-service offering. This will make the consumption and management of Cloudify significantly smoother and will also simplify the continuous operational management significantly.

To accelerate this growth strategy Cloudify is seeking a new investment round, while in parallel aligning the company to be able to support and sustain this growth strategy, which will include the consolidation of some of its community and go to market activities.
We are looking forward to hitting the ground running in 2018 and capitalizing on our technology investments to supercharge our growth and momentum in the upcoming year.

If you are interested joining our community, please feel free to get started with Cloudify and start writing a plugin or blueprint. Our team of skilled engineers is always happy to assist through our user group or Slack organization.


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