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When we discuss the often abused term DevOps, we’re mostly focusing on two elements: automation in the form of deploying apps, and maintaining infrastructure, and culture in the form of collaboration and communication.
The most common gripes we often hear range from anything like “I just can’t maintain my shell scripts – they just don’t scale” or “Ops are so siloed”, “there are too many tools”.
There are a thousand ways to do DevOps in any given organization.  Some will say there’s no such thing as DevOps tools, and others will say there’s no such thing as a DevOps engineer.  This is all true, but there are tools and culturally-minded individuals that help facilitate these processes in organizations.

DevOps in Production. Get Cloudify.  Go

In advance of the upcoming DevOps Days Tel Aviv (pssst… call for papers is still open) that we are co-organizing & sponsoring, as well as the DevOps Enterprise event that we are hoping to plan exciting activities around in partnership with the San Francisco DevOps meetup group – we’re going to have a series of posts that focus on a few key elements that have helped us drive a new culture of collaboration and automation at GigaSpaces.
So expect posts on:

  • What DevOps Isn’t
  • How we do DevOps
  • Lessons we’ve learned and how they apply to DevOps
  • Tools that help make this happen with some badass hacks
  • Things we’re doing behind the scenes to help facilitate these processes – in the form of plugins and other development
  • And other stuff as it comes to us

I’m keeping this post short…so be sure to stay tuned, and subscribe to our blog or the DevOps tag specifically.
Check out the Cloudify Roadmap to find about the new stuff that’s landing in our upcoming releases, and if you’re daring…play around go the milestone builds, and definitely be sure to let us know what’s working and what’s not (mailing lists: cloudify-users or cloudify-developers), and what’s still needed through our JIRA project.


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