Forbes Tech Council | 4 Steps To Speed Up Your Move To Cloud-Native (Post Pandemic)

Word is already out about what cloud can do for companies in this Covid-19 world we’re living in.

Some 47% of companies are mapping out a road for increased usage of the cloud after Covid-19 (According to Flexera).  The report suggests that extra capacity is most certainly needed for current cloud-based apps to meet increased demand in line with a surge in usage. The move from data centers to the cloud is also on the radar due to a reduction in headcount, increased difficulties in accessing data centers and delays in the more traditional hardware supply chains. The public cloud could very well be the savior needed business continuity in these ‘interesting’ times. With this in mind, migration seems to taking quite a while, companies are dragging their feet. Why? Head over to the Forbes Tech Council where our CTO and founder Nati Shalom delivers the explanation along with the 4 steps needed to move to cloud native in a post-pandemic world.

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