Gigaspaces and Mirantis – Big Data On OpenStack

Below are the slide deck and the videos from the June 21st San Francisco Cloud Mafia meetup on the topic of “Big Data on OpenStack” with GigaSpaces, and Mirantis.


Presenter: Uri Cohen, VP Product Management
Topic: Deploying Your Big Data App on OpenStack
The massive computing and storage resources that are needed to support big data applications make cloud environments an ideal fit.
In this session, you’ll learn how to build your big data “database on-demand” using MongoDB, Cassandra, Solr, MySQL, or any other big data solution, as well as manage your big data application using a new open source framework called “Cloudify.”
All this, on top of the OpenStack cloud.

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Presenter: Boris Renski – Co-Founder and EVP and Kirill Ishanov – Director, OpenStack Cloud Services
Topic: Vendor Independent OpenStack Cloud: Install and Demo
OpenStack is the largest open source cloud community in the world. Public distribution of OpenStack is a complete, feature rich product, available for free. In this session, Mirantis will demonstrate how simple it can be to deploy and run a vendor independent OpenStack cloud using exclusively open source tooling.


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