How to Install Heat and Devstack on EC2

Devstack is

# A great option to install and run an OpenStack cloud on your laptop or inside a VM on a cloud.
# Ideal for potential users who want to see what the Dashboard looks like from an admin or user perspective, and OpenStack contributors who wish to test their apps against a complete local environment.
# A well documented shell script that enables users to build complete Openstack development environments.
You can read more about Devstack “(newwindow)here”:

Heat is

# A service to orchestrate multiple composite cloud applications using the AWS CloudFormation template format, through both an OpenStack-native ReST API and a CloudFormation-compatible Query API.
# A great tool that gives developers and administrators an easy way to create a collection of related Openstack resources and provision them in an orderly and predictable fashion.
You can read more about Heat “(newwindow)here”:

How to install it on EC2

Create a “strong” EC2 instance that will be able to funcation well under the load. –
I used an m1.xlarge Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS instance (AMI-89b1a3fd) which is available in the eu-west-1 region (Ireland).
To install devatack and heat, you can invoke the following command:

In the following snippet ,you can go over the script and see what it does :

(info). It’s done, so let’s have fun :
Get the nova flavor list

Get the nova image list

Create a private key for Heat

Create a new Heat stack

Delete a Heat stack

Good luck !


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