Introducing Cloudify Academy – Full-Scale Cloud Orchestration Classes Online

Introduction by Florian Haas, CEO of hastexo

Every piece of technology in the industry that is worth discussing is elastic and distributed. Whether we’re talking OpenStack, Docker/Kubernetes, or systemd/etcd/fleet, every technology platform takes into account the fact that applications must horizontally scale, must elastically adapt to changing demands, and must always be available. Cloudify fits that model exactly. And to understand exactly how it does so, Cloudify Academy is the perfect way to get started.
GigaSpaces chose hastexo’s Open edX based platform to allow anyone to try out and test the benefits of Cloudify with minimal effort and zero infrastructure requirements. With Cloudify Academy, based on the technology that also drives hastexo Academy, anyone interested can evaluate and test Cloudify in minutes.

Learn TOSCA and NFV – get an on-demand lab environment to test.  Go

Online TOSCA Course and Lab

Recently, our team at Cloudify introduced Cloudify Academy, an online Learning Management System which we are building as an education platform to teach cloud architects, DevOps, etc all about cloud orchestration – from the basics to more advanced methods. Our LMS is based on the hastexo Academy platform by hastexo, a long-time GigaSpaces partner that specializes in consulting and training services on open-source distributed infrastructure technology.
The first online course we have created is entitled “Introduction to TOSCA,” which covers the fundamentals of TOSCA orchestration and how to use Cloudify and TOSCA in your cloud deployments. By the end of this course, users will learn what TOSCA is, what Cloudify does and how it uses TOSCA, and how to deploy and use Cloudify blueprints. Users will then be given a virtual lab environment to test-drive Cloudify TOSCA-based blueprints and deployments.

NFV Training and Lab

On top of the TOSCA course, we also have an online training option for NFV orchestration that includes a lab environment built on OpenStack for users to test NFV blueprint deployment with. The training includes:

  • An introduction to NFV Orchestration
  • Basic principles of Virtual Network Function Modeling
  • Orchestrating vIMS using Clearwater
  • Orchestrating your first VNF

More Resources for Learning

On top of these courses and training modules, we encourage everyone to have a look at our Examples Hub to see a large library of Cloudify-built blueprints that you can already use for test deployments.
If you are interested in other content, we have a video library as well with some great videos for you to learn all about cloud orchestration and more.
Finally, if you are looking for something more along the lines of container orchestration, we have partnered with the team at to offer Kubernetes Orchestration as a Service which you can register for and learn how to provision and configure a Kubernetes cluster as well as auto-scale it with these two great, open-source tools.


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