The Open Source Podcast – Episode 1 | The State of vCPE & SD-WAN

We’re really excited to bring you our new and improved Open Source Podcast! This is our new iteration of the previous OpenStack & Beyond Podcast, where we focused mostly on OpenStack and the various work surrounding that community. We’ve realized that there are many more topics we want to cover above and beyond OpenStack, so we expanded our coverage to cover almost any open source topic. Our main focus points on this podcast are along the lines of open source NFV and network automation, devops, container and cloud-native, and other related topics. As always, our team is on the ground at various events getting interviews from the floor at conferences like OpenStack Summit, VMworld, OSCON, Open Networking Summit, NFV World Congress, and others.

Read the vCPE/SD-WAN Orchestration White Paper.  Go


Our hosts for this episode were Sharone Zitzman and Oded Nahum. Sharone is Director of Marketing for Cloudify and has been a pioneer and leader of many meetup groups and intiatives in various spaces including DevOps and OpenStack. Oded is Director of Customer Solutions for Cloudify and has 20+ years of experience in networking and Cloud.


Our fantastic panelists for this podcast episode:
Vanessa Little – SR. Manager Global NFV EcoSystem Architecture, VMware
Mark Weiner – Chief Marketing Officer, Versa Networks

The Discussion

The podcast starts out discussing centralized versus distributed vCPE and SD-WAN. Centralized being where you bring all of your functions into the cloud and the edge of the network become simple, meaningless devices that connect the user or branch back into the cloud. A distributed vCPE model is where you virtualize the functions, but keep them at the edge of the network and running on them on commodity hardware. We then continue the conversation discussing the vCPE business model and market, and how open standards have had an effect on influencing how the decisions for vCPE/SD-WAN are made. Vanessa and Mark talk about what enterprises are focused on in this business versus what the service providers are looking to do, namely sell this service to the enterprises. Is it about cost savings, adding services, or something else?
Just have a listen and hear what the experts are saying about vCPE and SD-WAN!

Stay tuned for more episodes, which you can also find on our SoundCloud and Facebook pages.


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