The Open Source Podcast – Episode 3 | An Honest Discussion on TOSCA

We’re back with Episode 3 of the Open Source Podcast! This episode, we wanted to focus on, in a lot more detail, what TOSCA means for the cloud application orchestration market, especially on the NFV side in light of the recent release of the TOSCA Simple Profile for NFV Spec in May. You can learn more about why TOSCA is relevant for NFV in this article by SDxCentral.

Among the topics are a deep dive into the NFV aspect of TOSCA, workflows and the declarative, intent-based model of TOSCA, portability, as well as DevOps and the Apache ARIA project which is a real-life TOSCA implementation. There are also questions as to how innovative TOSCA is, but we come back to the fact that TOSCA is not just a de facto standard, but an actual OASIS standard that is truly embraced, and that is the real decision an organization needs to make when thinking about which modeling language to use.

This great discussion really gets into the nuts and bolts of what TOSCA delivers and where it needs to continue growing.

Learn TOSCA in-depth in this online video series.  Go


Meet our distinguished panelists for this great episode:

Michael Brenner – Chief Architect NFV at Cloudify and veteran standards strategist in ETSI NFV and MANO who was also the ETSI NFV ISG Vice Chair. Michael is also involved in OPNFV and a TOSCA TC member involved in the NFV specification.

Luc Boutier – Leader of the Alien4Cloud project at ATOS. Luc has also been very involved in TOSCA, as co-editor of version 1.1 of the YAML specification. He is very involved in the workflow and portability aspects of the standard.

Tal Liron – Senior Software Engineer at Cloudify. Tal has been instrumental in bringing the Apache ARIA project into existence and is deeply involved in building ARIA as a fully TOSCA-compliant orchestrator.

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Author: Jeremy Hess
Jeremy is the community and growth manager at Cloudify. He is also co-chair of the Technical Marketing & Education ad-hoc for the OASIS TOSCA Technical Committee. While he isn't spending time with his wife and 2 daughters or brewing beer, Jeremy is an organizer of several meet-ups as well as events such as OpenStack Day Israel and DevOpsDays Tel Aviv.

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